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martes, enero 27, 2009

Escucha #07


(lo:muêso) - hematíes
albatros - hombre menguante
bon iver - skinny love
catpeople - in silence
cloud cult - journey of the featherless
coconot - conservad el rayo
comet gain - love without lies
conor oberst - cape canaveral
crystal castles - crimewave
cuchillo - to come back
cut copy - hearts on fire
chairlift - bruises
charades - siete
damien jurado - coats of ice
deerhunter - nothing ever happened
elbow - grounds for divorce
electric president - it's like a heartbeat, only it isn't
eli 'paperboy' reed & the true loves - i'm gonna getcha
elvira - difícil de entender
èric fuentes - land end
erykah badu - the healer
expérience - des héros
fleet foxes - white winter hymnal
gang gang dance - house jam
girl talk - in step
glasvegas - geraldine
goodnight monsters - first one on the beach
half foot outside - in pieces
hercules and love affair - blind
herman düne - my home is nowhere without you
high places - the storm
hot chip - ready for the floor
joe crepúsculo - los lagartos
kings of leon - sex on fire
klaus & kinski - rocanrolear
lambchop - sharing a gibson with martin luther king jr
linn youki - maglev
los punsets - dos policías
manel - ens en sortim
margarita - super dandyzm
mgmt - kids
mogwai - the sun smells too loud
nick cave &the bad seeds - today's lesson
persona - a to z
pj harvey - the devil
portishead - we carry on
ruby suns - tane mahuta
russian red - they don't believe
sarandon - welcome
she & him - why do you let me stay here
sigur rós - gobbledigook
sons and daughters - chains
speedmarket avenue - accident
sr chinarro - los ángeles
the autumn leaves - feels like rain
the carrots - beverly
the cure - the only one
the dodos - fools
the flaming lips - space bible with volume lumps
the hold steady - stay positive
the lodger - the good old days
the magnetic fields - three-way
the new raemon - el saben aquel que diu
the ting tings - great dj
the wave pictures - friday night in loughborough
tindersticks - boobar
tv on the radio - dlz
vampire weekend - walcott
vetusta morla - autocritica
vivian girls - where do you run to
xiu xiu - no friend oh!
zeigeist - cuffs

[descarga el pack] BON ANY! [descarga el pack]

Pues allá va mi variadita postal musical de feliz año.

[estoy en la gran azaña de poner tema a tema... a mi ritmo, por supuesto]